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We live in a spiritual universe, or we don’t.

Either something wondrous, transcendent and mystical lies beyond the veil of apparent reality, or there is nothing other than this fleeting, ephemeral existence.

You get to choose.

Yet we hedge our bets.

We hope that there is a higher realm, but we’ve got to work our jobs, pay our bills and meet our responsibilities.

And more often than not, we become lost in the Māyā.

Māyā is the ancient Sanskrit term for illusion.

Illusion has been with us since the dawn of time.  It beckons us to distraction.

What is real?

What really matters?

What was the greatest moment of your life?

Right now, recall the greatest peak experience of your life.

It certainly wasn’t a thought.

It was steeped in feeling.  Not in thought.

Thought is necessary.

But feeling is magic.

The best experiences are feelings.

Not thoughts.

Listen closely to your feelings.

Listen to that still, small voice inside you.

You will discover the fountain of your personal wisdom.

It whispers hints of where your treasure lies.

Let’s Wake Up, See The Divinity In Everyone & Break Bread


* ( This is a two-part blog: first, a post I made on Facebook, and then the idea of a wise friend who has chosen to bring people together )

First, my post…


Are we, as a people, asleep at the wheel?

Are we sleepwalking through our lives?

Our nation is so divisive these days.

We believe the dogma we identify with and demonize the other side.

For the most part, I’ve followed the lead of evolved human beings like my dear friend Gabe Quintanilla, who have decided not to talk about politics on Facebook, because it becomes so ugly so fast.

Yet I’m torn.

If people of conscience keep their mouths shut, then no evolution takes place.

Yet, when we speak, we are often drawn into the toxic, negative vibration.

I have dear friends on the left and on the right.

But the extreme (and well funded) political forces on the left and the right benefit from our demonizing each other.

We are better than this.

Let’s be human beings.

Let’s be conscious.

Let’s be open.

Ultimately, we want the same things… the best situation, the best culture, the best country, the best world we can co-create.

We can have different philosophies.

But that doesn’t make me an enemy of you, nor you an enemy of me.

We’re brothers and sisters.

We’re children of God and Goddess.

See the divinity in everyone.

Let’s start there.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now, Part Two…


My friend Gabe Quintanilla read the above post on Facebook and responded with this:

“This is one of the best posts that I have ever read on Facebook–written by my buddy, Chris Duel–it inspired me to throw out an idea…would anyone here or on Chris’ wall be interested in forming a lunch group that would meet once a month? Everyone invited–both the political left and right–just as a way of breaking bread–getting to know each other better–on a human level as opposed to just a viral FB friendship? If anyone is interested–let me know…”

Gabe got reaction…


  • Louise Locker Absolutely. Count me in.
  • Steve Walker I can take photos too.!
  • Susie Garcia I’m in!
  • Martha R Umanzor love the way you explain. your comments.
  • Jessica Bernstein Sure. Sounds like fun.
  • Chris Duel Gabe, I learned a long time ago that it is wise to follow your lead. I’m in. Wonderful idea.
  • Patricia Doria-Moreno I would love to! What a GREAT idea! Let us break bread and come together as one all in the Spirit of showing love and respect towards one another. Your an inspiration Gabe!
  • Carol Reager Hale This sounds so cool.
  • Judyjane Witte Would love to…count me and hubby in!!
  • Susan Banta Farris @Chris Duel…..what a wonderful idea. We all need to learn how to disagree agreeably again. The world would not be so interesting if we all thought the same things.
  • Charlie Parker Good Idea…
  • Fran Bickley Gabe Quintanilla, thank you for sharing Chris Duel‘s excellent piece. Your lunch idea is great. Please count me in.
  • Laura Marie So well said Chris! thanks for re-posting this Gabe. It’s true, we shouldn’t be silent about things that matter and we should be reminded to raise the level of our discussion rather than the volume of our voices. i keep hoping that our leaders will lead the way but, it’s us! We have to do it.
  • Kort Jackson I might be interested.
  • Gary Hull Excellent idea. As a group you are an intelligent, well spoken and honest group. San Antonio needs social groups dedicated to the promotion of cultural and intellectual awareness.
  • Patricia Gonzales Santos Sounds like a great idea!
  • JaLa Ellen Hefner-Hill Fantastic idea! I would love to join!
  • Kimberly Bush Ummmm…yes. Very much.
  • Denise Castano Wirth Sure thing! Many of my closest friends swing to the left and yet we get along just fine, but I agree, we need to all come together and just agree to disagree. One thing I can say is that I surround myself with people who would do anything to help otherSee More
  • Dee Villarrubia I’m in, Gabe.
    - – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
    SoGabe Quintanilla has invited you, me and anyone who wants to break bread and have authentic, meaningful, friendly conversations to get together. 
    I hope one day you’ll join us.
    If you’re interested, contact me at chrisduel@gmail.com or via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Carrier Pigeon or however you choose.
    Let’s elevate our dialogue.

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